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About Us

The Cracker Boy® Seasoning was purchased in December of 1997 by Brent Price who has expanded from the original Cracker Boy to add 3 additional seasonings and a few dipping sauces. In 2008 / 2009, Brent was expanding and looking for partners, during one of his visits to an outdoor show one of his favorite hunters told him how much he used and liked the seasonings, he told Brent that he not only used it on day to day foods but that it was great on his wild game!! Well you can imagine that Brent was truly honored, especially as the hunter he was talking to was none other than “The Bone Collector" himself, Michael Waddell!

To make a long story short, Michael joined Brenton Inc (the Cracker Seasonings team) in 2008.

At a team meeting Michael mentioned the lack of really good seasoning products out there for game, he said “… I get asked all the time by my fans how I season and cook my wild game”

So the team decided to create a dedicated new label for the outdoors man. As the team worked on the newly designed label they realized that there wasn’t any websites out there that was dedicated to hunters sharing cooking tips, recipes, seasoning products and stories on the game they hunted, trapped, fished, & caught. While the label design was being created for cracker seasonings the team was simultaneously working on a brand spanking new website, that was born to fill the gap for being able to share and promote the GREAT wild game food that we all know and love. Of course, Michael lended an enthusiastic hand in designing these new labels for the Cracker Seasonings. He also helped to pick some of the names which we’re sure you will recognize.

Thanks to Michael and the Brenton Inc team, you will be able to find Cracker Seasonings at some of your favorite stores, (non- hunting and labeled for our friends that don’t hunt) and now you our hunting friends, now can find our Bone Collector Seasonings in your favorite outdoor stores and up here online. And remember if your favorite outdoor store doesn’t stock the Bone Collector Seasonings, ask them to carry it!!

For those of you already familiar with Cracker Seasonings we haven’t changed or gone away at all, we just have two labels of our great seasoning to share with you. In the table below you can see which Cracker Boy product has been renamed in the Bone Collector label.

Bone Collector Labels Cracker Seasoning Labels
Mac Daddy® Bring the excitement of the hunt right to
the dinner table with BONE COLLECTOR™ Mac Daddy
seasoning! This all-purpose blend of spices is perfect for
anything that swims, crawls, hops or clucks
Cracker Boy seasoning
Mac Mama® Give your favorite dish a kick in the pants
with BONE COLLECTOR™ Mac Mama seasoning! This
zesty blend of spices complements anything with four
legs, especially venison, elk, moose, bear and boar
Cracker Girl seasoning
Thunder Chicken® Put a tangy twist on your favorite wild
recipe with BONE COLLECTOR™ Thunder Chicken
seasoning! This zesty, lemony blend of spices is excellent
for anything that swims or flies
Cracker Boy Lemon Pepper Seasoning.
Hot Mama Jama® Spicy not enough? Turn up the heat in
your kitchen with BONE COLLECTOR™ Hot Mama Jama
seasoning! This blazing blend of spices really brings the
heat to anything with four legs, especially venison, elk,
moose, bear and boar
Cracker Girl HOT!!